Jennifer Evans

*Mrs. Jennifer Evans graduated with a Masters in Marriage and Family
Therapy in August of 2020. Her experience thus far has been with couples,
individuals of various ages, and children.*

*Jennifer has gone through Level 2 training with the Gottman Institute
( <>). This is a
research-based marriage counseling approach with many tools to help with
marriage conflict. Jennifer has gone through Play Therapy and Sand Tray
Therapy. Jennifer has gone through EMDR training and continues to sharpen
and strengthen this helpful tool.*

* Jennifer hopes to walk with people and families through difficult seasons
and give them tools to become stronger and more equip for life's

*Jennifer wants to be part of restoring hope and peace to individuals and
families in Campbellsville, Greensburg, and the surrounding area.*

*Jennifer offers clients in-person sessions and telehealth sessions. *

*Jennifer spent part of her life in Asia, living cross-culturally and
learning from those with different backgrounds and experiences. She loves
enjoying foods from different cultures, especially Korean and Indonesian
*Jennifer married her best friend, Greg, in 2006 and they enjoy walks with
their Aussiedoodle named Bo. *
*Jennifer enjoys reading and watching TV to decompress after a day of
work-the shows she returns to over and over are "Gilmore Girls" and
"Friends" for the nostalgia. She is still deciding if blue or green are her
favorite colors, and probably won't decide anytime soon.*